Janya Ragas

Janya is a term meaning “derived”. In Carnatic¬† music a janya raga is one derived from one of the 72 melakarta ragas.

List of Carnatic Ragas by Kumaran Santhanam,  kumaran@alumni.stanford.org

List format
rAgA | mEla | ArOHanam | avarOHanam

svara Format:
S R1 G1 M1 P D1 N1 S

R ,D M G N
1 = shudhdha 1 = shudhdha 1 = shudhdha 1 = shudhdha
2 = chathushruthi 2 = prathi 2 = sAdhAraNa 2 = kaishika
3 = sathshruthi 3 = anthara 3 = kAkaLi


Note: The ragas with (*) by their names have unverified parent ragas and/or arohanam/avarohanam.

For ragas which have questionable arohanam/avarohanam patterns,
included a notation which indicates the source of that particular
entry in the list.
(a) Raganidhi by B. Subba Rao
(b) Ragas in Carnatic music by S. Bhagyalekshmy

Transliteration Scheme
The following transliteration scheme is used for the raga names:
Sanskrit / Dravidian Language Transliteration Alphabet

a A i I u U Ru RU

e E ai o O ow am :

k K g G n’

ch Ch j J N’

t T d D N

th Th dh Dh n

p ph b bh m

y r l v

sh Sh s H

ksh gny

L zh r’ (additional Dravidian letters)